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What exactly is a Youth Community Fund (YCF)?

The YCF is a group of high school students from Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe who want to make an impact in their community.  YCF is open to students grades 9 – 12 on the Volunteer Team and 11th graders on the Leadership Team.  As a member of YCF, you will participate in community service, fundraising and support local non-profit agencies.  YCF will raise funds and distribute these funds to local agencies, who provide important services to the BET community, via a grant application process.  Grants will be evaluated and voted on by members of the YCF. 

Who can apply to be on the Leadership Team?

Applications for the Leadership team will be open to rising-juniors who are residents of Bronxville, Eastchester or Tuckahoe.  You do not need to attend a school in the BET community. Preference will be given to those who participated on the Volunteer Team in previous years.

Who can apply to be on the Volunteer Team?

The Volunteer Team is open to rising 9-12th grade students who are residents of Bronxville, Eastchester or Tuckahoe.  You do not need to attend school in the BET community to be a part of the YCF.  Joining the Volunteer team is a great opportunity to give back to your community and discover what the YCF is all about. 

What does being a member of the YCF Leadership team entail?

The YCF Leadership team will meet monthly.  Each member will be assigned to a committee – Fundraising, Community Service, PR/Social Media or Evaluations.  Committee members are in charge of planning events, running a PR campaign for YCF, and conducting evaluations of agencies that apply for grants, amongst other things.  We anticipate the time commitment to be 2-3 hours a month, varying if there is an event going on.

Don’t have enough time or that sounds like more than you are looking to commit to, but still want to participate, be on the Volunteer Team!

The Volunteer Team will participate in community service projects and fundraising projects. Members of the Volunteer Team may also be involved in organizing these events.  How involved you will be, is up to you. 

Why is there a required $50 donation to YCF in order to participate?

The YCF awards grants every year to local agencies that support programs for the community’s youth.  The donations collected from the YCF members go to fund the grants.  This money combined with the money raised allow the YCF to award multiple grants and have a bigger impact on the community.

What can you expect to get out of the experience?

You will learn about local agencies, philanthropy, leadership and how it all works together.  Plus, all YCF members will get the satisfaction felt in helping their community, we like to think of it as the warm, fuzzy feeling of doing good.

Finally, how do you apply?

You can find the google doc application here. 

If you are applying for the Leadership Team, please fill out the entire application. If you are applying for the Volunteer Team, you don’t need to answer the short answer questions.

Applications for Leadership Team must be submitted by May 24th. Candidates will be interviewed during the month of June. We are expecting to have a large group of interested persons so a Leadership Team spot is not guaranteed. Our target for the leadership team is 10 individuals.

The Volunteer team will be capped at 100 and filled on a first come first served basis. The Volunteer Team applications will close by August 30th. There is no interview for Volunteer Team Members.

Remember, there is lots to do, so if you are interested and willing there will be meaningful work for you!

Thanks for your interest!

Amy Korb and The Community Fund of BET Board

The donation is used for grants awarded by YCF to community agencies.

Applications for Leadership Team are due May 24th. Interviews for Leadership roles will occur in early June. Volunteer applications are accepted on a rolling basis until August 30th.