What exactly is a Youth Community Fund (YCF)?

The YCF will be a group of high school students from Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe who want to make an impact in their community. For this first year, only rising juniors (class of 2021) may apply. As a member of YCF, you will participate in community service, fundraising and support local non-profit agencies. YCF will raise funds and distribute these funds to local agencies, who provide important services to the BET community, via a grant application process. Grants will be evaluated and voted on by members of the YCF.

What being a founding member of YCF entail?

The YCF will have two groups of students. A leadership team and a volunteer team, both have a two-year commitment. Let’s start with the Leadership Team, as this is a bigger job.

For this first year, students who become part of the Leadership Team will be forming the YCF. The Leadership Team will meet monthly, for what are expected to be 2 hour meetings, to accomplish the following:

Create a structure for YCF;
Establish a fundraising strategy and goals;
Establish a community service strategy and goals;
Create a grant application and evaluation process; and
Develop a public relations plan.

By April 2020, the goal is for the YCF to have everything needed to officially launch in late spring/early summer.
It’s a big job, so not everything will be completed during the meetings. Members will be expected to continue working on projects between meetings. We expect Leadership Team members will be spending approximately 10 hours a month on YCF work. (Some months maybe more, some may be less but our goal is to keep it in this ballpark.) In addition to the set-up work, Leadership team members will participate in 1 community service project and 1 fundraising project over the course of this first year.

Don’t have enough time or but still want to participate?

May we introduce to you, the Volunteer Team. The Volunteer Team will participate in community service projects (1 this year) and fundraising projects (1 this year). Members of the Volunteer Team will be involved in organizing these events and may also participate in setting up strategic goals for fundraising and community service for the YCF. How involved you will be, is up to you.

So that is the first year, what about the second year?

During 2020-2021 the YCF will launch. What exactly this looks like will have been up to you. However, it will involve working on soliciting grant applications, conducting agency evaluations, fundraising, community service and end with awarding grants.

What will I get from the experience?

This first round of participants will get a unique experience in forming the YCF. You will learn about local agencies, philanthropy, leadership and how it all works together. You will also be able to set the course for the YCF for the future. Plus, all YCF members will get the satisfaction felt in helping their community, we like to think of it as the warm, fuzzy feeling of doing good.

How do I apply?

Download the form, print it out, fill it out and email it to ycf.bet@gmail.com. Applications for Leadership Team must be submitted by June 3rd. Candidates will be interviewed during the month of June. The Volunteer Team application deadline is August 30th. There is no interview for Volunteer Team Members.

We are expecting to have a large group of interested persons so a Leadership Team spot is not guaranteed. We will select anywhere from 8-15 for the Leadership Team and an unlimited number for the Volunteer Team. Remember, there is lots to do, so if you are interested and willing there will be meaningful work for you!

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