Who We Are


The Community Fund of Bronxville Eastchester Tuckahoe, Inc. was founded on October 2, 1919, as The Community Welfare Fund, Inc., to support Lawrence Hospital, The Associated Charities of Eastchester, and other charitable agencies or welfare work in the community. The Fund served the community during the depression and World War II, providing basic support to families and the war effort.


From 1919-1979, The Community Welfare Fund underwent several name changes. In the 1940’s and early 1950’s the name became The Community Chest (the Red Feather for those who remember). In 1954 the name was changed to the United Fund of Bronxville Eastchester Tuckahoe, Inc. Later, in 1965 the organization affiliated with the United Fund of Westchester which became known as the United Way of Westchester in 1978.


On July 1, 1980, The United Fund of Bronxville Eastchester Tuckahoe severed its affiliation with the United Way of Westchester to ensure that all funds raised locally would remain in the three communities. It re-established itself under its original charter of 1919 and changed its name to The Community Fund of Bronxville Eastchester Tuckahoe, Inc., thereby reaffirming the organization’s original objectives.


The Community Fund currently supports 26 social service agencies and community programs which provided critical services to Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe and the area within the Bronxville 10708 zip code (the BET community). In addition to funding, The Community Fund also provides administrative support to the agencies it supports through on-going site visits, consultations, workshops and forums.


Why a Community Fund?

The Community Fund was founded in 1919 to support qualified agencies and programs that provide vital services within Bronxville 10708, Eastchester and Tuckahoe. These services help thousands of our neighbors each year at little or no expense to those least able to pay. With declining government support, these agencies need the help of the Fund more than ever.
The Community Fund is largely staffed and administered by members of our own community volunteering their time and talents. Your donation to The Community Fund is a direct investment in the quality of life in your community. It truly is “local giving for local needs”.

Why should I give to The Community Fund?

In today’s economy, human service needs are growing while government funding sources are diminishing. Each year, the Fund is asked to provide funding in excess of what we have collected. A contribution would enable the Fund to have a greater impact on the growing needs in our community.

Why give to The Community Fund rather than directly to an agency of my choice?

We would encourage you to also give to your favorite agencies! But, there are many reasons to give to the Fund too:

A contribution to The Community Fund ensures that the dollars you donate go towards specific programs that provide services directly to the Bronxville 10708, Eastchester and Tuckahoe communities.

Some of our member agencies that provide significant services are not as well known or do not receive adequate funding. We ensure that these agencies that provide critical services to community members continue to receive support.

The Fund does the due-diligence work for you! Annually, all agencies undergo an on-site review of services and financial viability to ensure that they are operating effectively and that your dollars are spent judiciously.

Each year, other community organizations come to the Fund and ask for “one-time” grants in order to provide a new service or handle an emergency. We are there for them during a time of need. Because of our relationships in the community, we are in a unique position to know and address ongoing needs.

What needs does the community have?

The need for services and support cuts across all social and economic segments. And these needs often occur unexpectedly during times of financial or physical hardship. Whether it is services for the seniors, our youth or families in crisis, The Community Fund agencies, and programs meet an increasing need for their services right here in or own community.

How can I help beyond making a contribution?

Join us! We have volunteer opportunities in fundraising, evaluations, administration and more. Call Amy Korb, Executive Director, at 914.337.8808 to learn more.


Dear Neighbors,

I want to start by thanking all of you who have supported the Community Fund of BET.  Your contributions truly make a difference – and without you, the Community Fund could not exist.

The Community Fund has had a busy year.  A few highlights are listed below:

Diverting funds to those in need:

As you will see documented in this Annual Report, the Community Fund has touched all ages and areas in our community. We provided $486,351 to 21 senior organizations, youth organizations, family organizations and health care organizations. These grants allow these organizations to provide important services which meet the most critical of needs in our community.

Strategic guidance to agencies:

We provided more than just monetary support. The Community Fund helped agencies coordinate during the pandemic and learn from each other as they pivoted to online and alternative programming.

Continued implementation of strategic plan:

We completed last year a strategic plan, which provides a roadmap to shape the future direction of the fund. We are in our first year of implementing that multi-year plan. As part of the Strategic Plan,:

  • We have a revised mission and vision statement;
  • We are looking at our evaluation process to ensure we continue to allocate our dollars wisely;
  • We are revamping the board to ensure maximum effectiveness; and
  • We are modernizing our fundraising to make it as easy as possible to donate.

Needs assessment survey:

This year was a critical year in that strategic plan. Importantly we are nearing the completion of the needs assessment survey we are performing with PACE University. Preliminary drafts of the survey are helping us quantitatively identify the most pressing needs in our community. We believe this survey will help guide the revamp of our grant allocation process over the course of the next couple of years.

As we turn to a new fiscal year, the Board is excited and energized for the work ahead. We plan to push forward on the strategic plan, with the benefit of our needs assessment survey. We are also extremely excited to introduce a new fund raiser for the Community Fund, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament we will be hosting jointly with the Youth Community fund! All of this while continuing to support the local agencies with which we already work and reaching out to new organizations.

Please follow The Community Fund of BET and the Youth Community Fund of BET on Instagram and Facebook for updates of all the impactful ways your donations are being used. Finally, do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to learn more or become involved. We would love to have you!

Phillip Preis


2021 – 2023 Board of Directors

Phil Preis, President
Caitlin Greatrex, President-Elect
Susan Conniff, Secretary
Joanne Johnson, Treasurer
Christopher Bush Investments, Co-Chair
Pam Morrisroe, Marketing Chair
Maria Sayegh, Campaign Co-Chair, Eastchester/Tuckahoe
Jeff Ungvary, Campaign Co-Chair, Bronxville
Catherine Moore , Special Event Chair
Amy Atkeson, Evaluations Co-Chair
Elizabeth Peacock, Evaluations Co-Chair

Board Members

Peggy Belles
Laura Busker
Lisa Bodell
Lisa Dawson
Gary Garofalo
Wendy Halley

Joanne Johnson
Jonalie Korengold
Robin Lewis
Michelle Meyercord
Catherine Moore
Tania Neild

Sarah Normand
Patricia Reilly
Elisa Rizzo
Katie Shah
Donato Vaccaro
George Winn

Amy Rutter Korb, Executive Director
Sheridan Denfeld, Finance Administrator

Click here to download the FY 2020 Board calendar